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Plan – Prepare – Perform




Have a goal event/ race or performance outcome and the passion to improve. Honest and accurate feedback, supported by performance data and analytics can help you smash PBs and achieve your goals.

A Bespoke 1-1 Coaching Program. Specific to your needs!

Working with you to build the perfect plan to enable you to reach your sporting goals around your time availability.

Client Appreciation

“I have worked closely with Dom now for over 4 months. During that time my main goals have been completing ultra running events and trying to complete 52 half marathons this year. Dom has helped me structure and manage my volume and training load to help me reach those (very crazy) goals I set myself!”

Bryn ❤️

“Dom has helped me plan my build up to my first ever Half Ironman, whilst competing in other smaller preparation events to test where my form was at. He gave advice when I was ill and injured which enabled me to reach the start line in my best condition ever, and factored in busy working weeks and holidays.”

Clare ❤️

“Following a specific training program that was built for me enabled me to set many new personal bests. In running I have improved my 5km times all the way to 10km. Whilst the variety in the sessions kept it interesting and enjoyable. And I have never felt so strong whilst out on group rides or in training.”

Dan ❤️

I'm Dom, your Bespoke Coach

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A data driven and people orientated approach, enables me to help you build the perfect bespoke training program that means training is sustainable and enjoyable!

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